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Mélodie is a Quebec born artist with the west coast coursing through both her work and heart. Spending her undergraduate degree in the study of human fossils, She developed a fascination for the capacity to create handcrafted products that withstand the test of time.

A scenery change landed Melodie in a town along the coastline of Vancouver Island. This move provided space for her to become fluent in both English and the language of community. Connecting with local artisans and entrepreneurs through Milano cafe , Cote Ouest developed the essence of nature and human connection. As her sense of home developed through Sourcing materials with care is intrinsic to her craft. Fascinated by the relationship between metals, stones and crystals of Vancouver Island, she forms bracelets, necklaces and earrings which illuminate the natural world. The elements are at the heart of her business. Although the island is central to her inspiration Melodie is borderless with her sourcing of inspiration and has extended her search for inspired product design to the southern coast of France, Croatia and Italy.

While her jewelry radiates a certain bohemian, rough and natural energy it is created with intricate attention to detail. Daily routines might include a yoga session, a run but definitely sipping on ‘un cafe’ probably a cortado. Melo’s work is bound to the French concept of l’art de vivre. Enjoy life, share memories and wear beautiful jewelry. Now living seven hours by flight away from Vancouver Island in Montreal, Melodie continues to integrate her love for the coast in each of her pieces.

Elizabeth Stewart-Bain